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Fruityreels is an online casino that uses an innovative menubar for a user-friendly experience.
Your Account Balance is split between your Cash Balance and your Bonus Balance.

Deposits will be added to your Cash Balance at all times. All promotional offers, such as free bonuses and deposit bonuses, will be added to your Bonus Balance. When you have funds on both your Cash Balance as well as your Bonus Balance, funds will be drawn from your Cash Balance first. Once your Cash Balance has run out, you will automatically start playing with your Bonus Balance amount.

Please note: our Live Casino games can only be played with Cash Balance, so make sure there are funds on your Cash Balance.

Verify your account

Before you are able to request a withdrawal, you need to verify your account. To request a withdrawal a verification of identity, address and bank account is required. To verify your identity and address, you can upload your documents in your account. The verification of your bank account is done by a deposit of € 10,00 or more with a payment option of your choice. Your deposit will be added on your Cash Balance and you will be able to withdrawal this deposit directly. 

Due to our licensing requirements we actively have to verify accounts on Fruityreels. In other words, we have to be able to proof that the information provided by our players matches up with real, existing people.

What will happen if I don't verify my account?
When you request a withdrawal and you haven’t verified your account yet, we will ask you to verify your account in order to process the withdrawal. Because you need to verify your account first, it will probably take longer before your withdrawal will be processed.


Deposits can be made via the “Deposit” or “Bank” buttons shown on the menubar. Here you will find a variety of payment options. Blue labels display a percentage are shown when a deposit bonus is currently active. Choose the amount you wish to deposit and continue by clicking the “Buy” button. Follow the instructions given by the deposit method of your choice. No extra costs are charged for making a deposit.

In some instances payments can take a few minutes to process, but in general deposits are added to your Cash Balance instantly.


To request a withdrawal, you need to verify your account first. Read our text “verify your account” for more information.

When your Cash Balance has reached € 10,00 a withdrawal can be made1). From Sunday to Thursday inclusive, we check all withdrawals daily between 21:00 and 23:00 (CET). Once we’ve checked and processed your withdrawal, your money is transferred early the next morning. Depending on the withdrawal method you used, it can take up to 48 hours (during business days) before the money is visible in your account. We can’t send transfers during the weekend, so withdrawals requested during the weekend will be wired on Monday morning. During this time period your withdrawal can be reverted. By doing so your withdrawal will be charged back to your Cash Balance.

1) A withdrawal will void all current balance wagered bonuses. Reverted withdrawals will not restore any void bonuses.

How soon will my withdrawal be on my bank account?

Our goal is to review all withdrawals within 12 hours on business days. When checked, your withdrawal will be wired the next morning around 6:00 AM. Players can revert their withdrawal at any time during the period between checked and wired. 

You should receive the funds in your bankaccount within 2 business days after they have been checked and wired.


All bonuses are subject to Bonus Wagering Requirements. Once the Bonus Wagering Requirement is completed, the remaining value of the bonus will be automatically placed on your Cash Balance. Please note, minimum amounts of € 10,00 and more can be withdrawn.

For example: When you have received a € 10,00 bonus with a 10 times turnover requirement, you will have to bet a total of € 100,00 (10 x 10) on our classic slots or video slots to meet the requirements.  Bonuses are removed after their expiry date.
Bonuses have a limited availability and must be used before the expiry date. Bonuses are removed after there expiry date.

There are two types of bonuses and they differ in the way a bonus requirement can be achieved.

  • Regular bonus (Promotional Offers)
    Free bonuses can only be wagered with the Bonus Balance of this particular bonus. Winnings will be added to your current bonus value.
  • Balance wagered bonus
    Balance wagered bonuses can only be wagered from your balance meter. Once your Cash balance has run out you will automatically start playing with your Bonus Balance amount. All winnings wagered from a balance wagered bonus will be added to your balance. Except in the case of Roulette, where your bet will be subtracted from your winnings and be placed on your bonus meter. A withdrawal request will remove all your balance wagered bonuses. Please note, bonuses will not be restored when a withdrawal is reverted.
Deposit bonuses are automatically played first. The Regular bonus (Promotional Offers) will be activated once there are no Deposit bonuses left.

Any bets placed on a particular game will be registered as a 100% wagering. However, any wager on one of our table games and scratch cards applies for 10% of the current bet. Roulette does not contribute to your wagering.

When it comes to wagering your free Mail-Bonus, players who deposit at least € 10,00 per month receive more favourable bonus requirements. Players who make regular deposits have to wager their free Mail-Bonus only 30 times opposed to 50 times for non-depositing users.

Once you are logged in to your account click on "Bank" and then "Bonus" to find an overview with all details about your current bonuses. On this bonus overview you are able to delete any bonus you do not wish to play with. Please note that deleted bonuses can not be restored.

An overview of all bonuses and their corresponding type can be found below:

Bonus Type
Balance wagered bonus
Balance wagered bonus
Balance wagered bonus
Balance wagered bonus
Balance wagered bonus
Balance wagered bonus
Regular bonus
Regular bonus
Regular bonus
Regular bonus

Consolation prize

Our special consolation prizes are offered to players who did not have the best of luck. In this way you might get that second chance you’ve been wishing for.

To be eligible for a consolation prize, the following applies:
A consolation prize is dependant on the total deposits and withdrawals made during a specific period. This period of 7 days starts and ends every Friday 00:00.  When you've been unlucky and have not withdrawn 25% or more on the amount you've deposited you'll receive a consolation prize. The prize you'll receive depends on the amount you've deposited/withdrawn. Please check the table below:

Deposited 0-10% withdrawn 10-25% withdrawn Max. Balance
€ 100,00 € 25,00 € 10,00 € 1,00
€ 250,00 € 50,00 € 20,00 € 5,00
€ 500,00 € 125,00 € 50,00 € 5,00
€ 1 000,00 € 250,00 € 100,00 € 10,00
€ 2 000,00 € 500,00 € 200,00 € 10,00
€ 3 000,00 € 750,00 € 300,00 € 25,00
€ 4 000,00 € 1 000,00 € 400,00 € 25,00
€ 5 000,00 € 1 250,00 € 500,00 € 25,00
€ 6 000,00 € 1 500,00 € 600,00 € 25,00
€ 7 500,00 € 1 875,00 € 750,00 € 25,00
€ 10 000,00 € 2 500,00 € 1 000,00 € 25,00
€ 12 500,00 € 3 125,00 € 1 250,00 € 25,00
€ 15 000,00 € 3 750,00 € 1 500,00 € 25,00
€ 20 000,00 € 5 000,00 € 2 000,00 € 25,00
+€ 5 000,00 € 5 000,00 € 2 000,00 € 25,00

To be able to get a consolation prize your total balance, made up of your current balance and deposit/consolation bonuses, has to be under the max balance column. For example: you have deposited € 100,00, have not withdrawn anything and your balance is below € 1,00. In this case you will receive a consolation bonus of € 25,00. If you'd have made a withdrawal of € 20,00, your withdrawal percentage would be 20% and you would receive € 10,00. Each consolation prize is only available once a week and every Friday morning the system refreshes and you start again from scratch.

Consolation prizes are balance wagered bonuses. When playing this bonus, all winnings will be directly added to your balance. Please note that your open consolation prizes will be removed when you request a withdrawal.

When your deposit amount is over € 20 000,00, and your withdrawal percentage is below 10%, you'll receive a € 5 000,00 consolation prize after every € 5 000,00 deposited. So as long as your withdrawal percentage is below 10% you’ll get 100% consolation prize on your deposits from this point.

Consolation prizes may be added together. For example; When you've deposited € 250,00 but you haven’t received the € 25,00consolation prize yet, you may receive the € 50,00 and € 25,00 together as a € 75,00 consolation prize.

Consolation prizes won’t be given to players who have an overall profit on our platform.

Level Up

Fruityreels offers a great level up system. Each level comes with its own promotional benefits. The higher the level, the higher promotions you’ll receive. Each time you level up, you’ll receive an extra free bonus. These bonuses wil gradually increase as you level up. Points to unlock a next level can be obtained simply by placing bets. Not all game types contribute to unlocking level points, neither do bets placed from bonuses or from profit made out of bonuses. To be eligible for our level up promotion you need to make a minimum deposit of € 10,00 each month, or have deposited € 1 000,00 or more in total. The first 30 days after sign up are on the house though and don't require any deposits to participate! Some games make a lower or no contribution to the level up system.

Game Type Level % Contribution
Video Slots 100%
Classic Slots 100%
Scratch Cards 0%
Table Games 0%

When you have a lock on your level bar, you aren’t collecting any level points or level-linked bonuses. The level bar is locked for players with a double user status and for players who have not deposited a minimum of € 10,00 over the last month. Players who deposit a minimum of € 10,00 monthly, will receive higher bonuses than players who haven’t deposited a minimum of € 10,00 over the last month.

Double user status
Our promotions are limited to one person per household. Therefore level bars of double users will be locked. When you are marked as a double user and you are the only account holder in your household, please contact our customer service. Please make sure you’ve filled in all your personal details before contacting our customer support.