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At Fruityreels we noticed a huge demand for games on mobile devices. In most cases, these devices do not support the Flash media player that is required to play most other casino games.

We embrace the wish of players who would like to have the freedom to play on their preferred device, at any place and at any time. This is why all our games are build from the ground up using the latest technologies, so all our games are available on as many devices as possible. At Fruityreels, you don’t have to choose between playing your favorite game, and your favorite device. It’s a all-in-one deal!

Our mobile casino offers great accessibility for our mobile users. It's designed and programmed with great care to make sure you as a user experience nothing but user friendliness, great looks and high quality games while you brows and play on our website.

To enjoy our mobile website just browse to our website on any mobile/tablet you like and our mobile website will open automatically.

So what are you waiting for?
Log in on your mobile device and enjoy the freedom of playing when you want, wherever you want!

Play Fruityreels Casino on your Mobile!